Interior Design Changes for Summer

Sarah Sitar Summer Interior DesignMost people when designing homes and office spaces think of comfort as the top priority, and it certainly is. Comfort, however, is not an exclusive concept, and other aspects of design like color and capacity do not have to be sacrificed or ignored when focusing on how to make a home that feels warm and inviting. In fact, the greatest creator will seamlessly incorporate the different dimensions into one aesthetically comfortable presentation.
In modern design, there is a tendency toward trusting in the innocuous subtlety of earth-toned furnishings. But overdone tendencies quickly grow stale, and stale designs are the greatest obstacles toward fresh innovation. Abigail Ahern, a self-made author and interior designer broke through the mundane discomfort of recycled trends and reinstated the power of color. The complexities and marbling of colors can create a texturally soft visual as it soothes distinguished colors and textures around it. If it stands out, it is likely less comfortable, and the multiple tones found in colorful pieces tend to compliment each other rather than over enunciate.
There’s also a strong belief that colors run opposite beiges, that colors have to be bold and vibrant against an otherwise subdued background. This is not true. The blending of colors adds a smoothness to the palette that is not found with stark pales. Different color schemes also express different levels of calm and comfort. Some may prefer deep blues and blacks for a more profound sense of placidity with luxury, whereas others may prefer grays and greens for a more light-hearted approach. Ahern herself expresses the importance of using color as a means to the end of textural evenness, and not getting carried away in the application of different colors. One color expressed through different surfaces is likely to feel more comfortable than many colors competing for expression.
As part of her designer tips she mentions using existing features to bring out a new color scheme. Instead of throwing away the old and attempting from scratch, restore a room around a foundational feature of it. If you have a marble-topped counter, extract elements from the natural pattern and apply them elsewhere. Also look for small accoutrements that could use a boost in liveliness, instead of focusing on walls or furniture, go over cushions and china that support the trim and secondary feels of a room.
Colorization is about a medium between dull and overwhelming. Using a few but sure motifs, patterns of texture, and a healthy sense of flair will help you balance the right amount of color in your next projects.

Sarah Sitar’s Video Biography

Sarah Sitar shares her video biography below that gives clients and prospective buyers and sellers that low down of what Sarah provides as a real estate agent. Sarah is dedicated to her clients as she fights to get them the best deal the possibly can. As a certified life coach, Sarah is able to empathize with her clients and really understand what they are looking for when purchasing a home. Investing in real estate is one of the biggest purchases of anyone’s life, so it’s important to hire a real estate agent that you can trust and understands exactly what you are looking for. Take a look at her video bio below!

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